Impex IAC-2030 Premium Nonstick Aluminium Appachatty (20 cm)


About this item

Material Aluminum
Brand Impex
Colour Maroon
Has Nonstick Coating Yes
  • Cooking is love mode visible, when you enjoying its captivating feel Introducing Aluminium Nonstick Cookwares. Appliances delivers by us, inspired by life. Except we do not just want you to look at them, we want you to feel them. Because food always makes everything better and just in case you needed reminding. Making food become easement when you use right kitchen appliances, because every food tells a story
  • Nonstick Aluminium Cookwares that ensures healthy nutrition for every meal you cook. It comes with high-grade Nonstick coating and Cherish Red outer body that offers great heat resistance, Every cookware designed to give pure and cooking experience, Celebrate every moment of cooking with onix cookwares Every Meal turns to a feast with IAC-2030 Nonstick Aluminium Appachatty (20 cm) with Following Features
  • Features: Stylish and Elegant Design Good and easy clean performance High Temperature resistance and Faster heating Cherish Red Colour Nonstick Coating
  • Size : 20 cm Healthy choice and Eco friendly Heat Resistant Outside Coating Strong and Stay Cool Handle with Soft touch Alkali and Water Resistant Metal spoon friendly
  • 1 Year Warranty

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